The Adoption and Foster Parent Guide

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7.5x7.5 inch paperback, 131 pages

Practical Help. Real Answers.

As of October 3, 2014 all the print copies of "The Adoptive & Foster Parent Guide" are now sold out! "The Adoptive & Foster Parent Guide" is only available as an ebook on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. 


"Carol Lozier's book is a clearly written guide to parents and professionals alike. The book is full of good ideas that will help adoptive families in their journey. I immediately chose one of her suggestions to use with my client families. Carol has the gift of explaining to the lay reader easy applications of family therapy principles. The book is a positive one, sure to help adoptive families. It is a welcome addition to the literature."
Deborah Gray, MSW, MPA
Author of Nurturing Adoptions