The Adoption and Foster Parent Guide

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7.5x7.5 inch paperback, 131 pages

Practical Help. Real Answers.

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"Carol Lozier's book is a clearly written guide to parents and professionals alike. The book is full of good ideas that will help adoptive families in their journey. I immediately chose one of her suggestions to use with my client families. Carol has the gift of explaining to the lay reader easy applications of family therapy principles. The book is a positive one, sure to help adoptive families. It is a welcome addition to the literature."
Deborah Gray, MSW, MPA
Author of Nurturing Adoptions

"The Adoptive & Foster Parent's Guide is a easy and applicable read for families with kids from hard places. Every chapter gives some practical tool for families to use. Some of these include charts, letter templates and role play ideas. They language is not lofty or clinical, but easy for anyone (not just those of us with a social worker/psychology backgrounds) to understand. Both social workers and fost/adoptive families would benefit from purchasing this guide as a tool to equip them to help a child in their healing process."
Whitney Bunker, BSW
Adoptive Mom

"What I love so much about Carol's book is that she told us not only the why, but the how and she does it in simple, compassionate and uncomplicated steps that you can start today. This book teaches us how to reach our wounded and scared children, how to understand their behaviors and how to see behind them so we can  help them to process more clearly and communicate with us what their real needs are instead of trying to get them met in an inappropriate or dangerous ways. Carol's method and philosophy can help parents to help our children even when our kids do not have the ability to articulate their needs or fears.  In Carol's new book i have learned simple steps,which she clearly explains to address past and perceived present trauma.This book is wonderful because it doesn’t worry about the diagnosis it just treats children who have suffered so much in the past to learn healthy new ways to communicate, get their needs met in healthy ways and most importantly offers parents the tools to be the lifeline for our children, building trust and relationship that leads to healthy attachment and being able to feel the love, we want so much to provide. Carol has provided a much needed and important resource in how to gently,compassionately and effectively help our children's broken hearts!"
Lisa Edmunds
Adoptive Mom