Helpful Information & Free Downloads

Creating A Family Radio Show: Helping Your Adopted Child Heal From Trauma and Loss.

Creating A Family Website: Article, "A Guide to Selecting An Adoption or Foster Therapist."

The Equation for Healing (pdf) The components that are necessary for a child to heal from past trauma and loss. 

Ambivalent Attachment (pdf)  This article explains the ambivalent attachment style and offers 5 practical strategies to manage your child's push/pull behavior and increase authentic closeness.

Attachment Table (pdf) Have you ever been confused about the different attachment styles?  This table compares all four attachment styles in a concise fashion to make them easy to understand.

Feeling Faces (pdf) Your children need to be well versed in feeling talk. Use this sheet to teach them the "primary feeling" words!

The Colors of My Heart Worksheet (pdf)  Is it difficult for your child to verbalize his or her feelings?  When your child is calm, provide a copy of this worksheet so that he/she may practice identifying and expressing emotion.  The worksheet corresponds to the sidebar exercise on page 84 of The Adoptive & Foster Parent Guide: How to Heal Your Child's Trauma and Loss.  Watch a video demonstrating this tool in the "Video" section of this website.

Younger Parts Hold Trauma (pdf)  This is one of the most frequently read posts from the Forever-Families blog.  The post explains a new way to understand your child's trauma.

Do Children Remember Their Early Years? (pdf)  Many people mistakenly believe children do not remember their early loss or trauma.  This article explains the two types of memory, Implicit and Explicit, and why children do remember early traumatic events.

Connect Back Sheet (pdf) The Connect Back sheet is a tool to assist parents in identifying their child's triggers from the past.

What's In Your Flower Pot? (Child's Version) Use this sheet with your child to move from defensive to authentic behavior, thoughts and feelings.

What's In Your Flower Pot? (Parent Version) This worksheet includes reminders, written in red, of how to improve your child's authenticity.