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My name is . I'm feeling today because I need or want .

Some children do not have a feeling vocabulary or an awareness of their feelings. A fun way to teach these skills is through playing The Colors of My Heart.

Different colors represent different feelings. Happy is yellow, Sad is blue, Mad is red, Scared is green, and Loving is pink. Using one color at a time, ask your child to draw how much of each feeling they have in their heart. They can use a lot of the color if they experience much of that feeling, or just a little to show a little of the feeling. After they have colored the heart, ask them what has caused each feeling: Tell me about your blue or sad feeling. Listen and use sentence starters so your child feels heard and understood.

To install on your tablet:
Tap  in your top browser menu and then choose "Add to Home Screen." We also recommend locking the screen rotation to avoid frustrating the child. 

This PC/tablet app is based on the game "Colors of my Heart" from a fabulous book by Carol Lozier. Learn more about Carol here.

This app is best used on tablets.