Clothed In Armor is a positive and “kid-friendly” approach to discussing the spiritual battles faced by children, especially those with any history of hurt, abandonment, or loss. The study is written for 8-13 year olds who will enjoy the workbook style and fun activities, like: memory verses, fill in the blank type responses, and word puzzles. 
Each lesson is uplifting and aimed at healing past hurts faced by children before being securely placed in their forever families. The Clothed In Armor workbook is divided into six lessons: My Story, God's Trustworthy Protection, Satan is Sly, Satan's Lies, Fight Back! and God is My Helper, My Protector. 
The study will help children identify and know THE TRUTH about themselves and others, and to learn specific ways they can fight back like a mighty soldier of God!

Both books are available in paperback at Amazon. 

"Clothed In Armor is an interactive Bible study that teaches the child they are valued and loved, then gives them the tools to fight the spiritual battle against the negative beliefs Satan tries to instill. The author, an experienced licensed clinical social worker, successfully uses her extensive knowledge of the Bible to help children who come from a foster care, adoption, or trauma-based background."

Kay Bratt, 
Author of Silent Tears; A Journey of Hope in a Chinese Orphanage


Adoptive and foster moms have a tough job raising children with a history of trauma, loss, and hurt. The devotional is co-written by adoption therapist, Carol Lozier LCSW and adoptive mom, Lisa Edmunds. The 120 devotions offer information, comfort, and hope to adoptive and foster moms as they trek through this journey of healing alongside their child. 

The Devotional is available at or contact Carol Lozier via email at,

"Great book. Full of good information in bite size tidbits. Things I would not have normally thought about are introduced. It brought to light a better understanding of the underlying dynamics of my adopted child. I would recommend it to all my friends who have adopted."
C. Nowlin
Adoptive parent

"I read this every morning for uplifting encouragement and validation of my feelings. This journey is tough but this book of devotions gives me comfort in knowing I'm not alone and He is there for us every step of the way. Amazing book!"
Monica A. Smith
Adoptive Mom

"The first book I have read that addresses the day to day challenges of our kids. A must read for any parents raising challenging kids."
Patricia A. Johnson