Sep 04

"Common Traits of Adoptees" by Lynn Grubb

Today's post is written by Lynn Grubb, adoptee, adoptive mom, author, and blogger on her website, "No Apologies for Being Me." Lynn also authored the book,  The Adoptee Survival Guide: Adptees Share Their Wisdom and Tools" available on Amazon (see the

Aug 28

In the Green: Body, Mind, & Heart Regulation

In 2006, I attended Dr. Karyn Purvis' workshop at the annual ATTACH conference. One of the issues she addressed was helping children find emotional regulation, a sense of calm in their body, mind, and heart. As many parents know, this can be a big challenge for kids! Dr.

Aug 14

Hope and Healing: Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) and Felt Safety


I have been working with adopted and foster children since 1990.

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