Nov 01

Is Your Child An Emotionally Sensitive Person?

Today's blog post is written by Karyn Hall, Ph.D. Dr. Hall is the owner/director of the Dialectical Behavior Therapy Center in Houston and, an online educational program.

Sep 04

"Common Traits of Adoptees" by Lynn Grubb

Today's post is written by Lynn Grubb, adoptee, adoptive mom, author, and blogger on her website, "No Apologies for Being Me." Lynn also authored the book,  The Adoptee Survival Guide: Adptees Share Their Wisdom and Tools" available on Amazon (see the

Aug 28

In the Green: Body, Mind, & Heart Regulation

In 2006, I attended Dr. Karyn Purvis' workshop at the annual ATTACH conference. One of the issues she addressed was helping children find emotional regulation, a sense of calm in their body, mind, and heart. As many parents know, this can be a big challenge for kids! Dr.

Aug 14

Hope and Healing: Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) and Felt Safety


I have been working with adopted and foster children since 1990.

Jan 16

6 Questions for Carol Lozier


“6 Questions with Carol Lozier,” is a reprint from SIAG’s (Southern Indiana Adoption Groups) blog, dated Oct. 29, 2013.

Nov 22

Hope for The Holidays


Jami Willis and her husband, Sam, are adoptive parents to a sibling group of three: DeMarcus (10 years old), Shandra (8 years old), and Rosie (3 years old).

Oct 25

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Therapist


This article is reprinted from The Adoptive & Foster Parent Guide: How to Heal Your Child’s Trauma and Loss by Carol Lozier LCSW.

Oct 03

**GIVEAWAY** "Devotions of Comfort and Hope for Adoptive & Foster Moms"


Win a FREE ebook copy of Devotions of Comfort and Hope for Adoptive & Foster Moms." To enter, simply add your name to the list!  Winner will be chosen on Friday, October 4th! Come back to the blog

Aug 29

“You Question My Parenting, Again?!?!”


Today, I was chatting with adoptive mom, Gillian, as she shared her recent experience of being chastised by Alice, her good friend and neighbor. Alice was sharp in her words and tone as she criticized Gillian’s parenting of her eight year old son, Dylan.

Aug 01

Parents: Are You Stuck Without A Consequence?


In my therapy practice, parents sometimes get stuck in identifying an appropriate consequence for their child.

Jul 05

Helping When Your Child Freaks Out, Gets Angry, Or Shuts Down


When an issue arises with your child, how do you address it? Any child who has early grief, loss, abandonment, or trauma will become triggered to any perceived threat of abandonment (being left) or to anything that triggers similar thoughts and feelings to their past

Jun 06

Alex’s Story: A Resolution of Trauma


One of the benefits of working with many children is hearing their stories and seeing the commonalities amongst them.

May 10

Is Adoption Trauma? by Robyn Gobbel, LCSW


I met a man today and we struck up a casual conversation. He asked about the types of clients I see.

Apr 11

Logan: A Sweet Kid With A Volcanic Temper


Logan* is 14 years old. His mom, Linda, received a call from CPS (Child Protective Services) three days following his birth, and the worker said, “I have a baby boy and we can’t find a home for him.

Mar 14

Attachment Therapists: Do You Keep Parents In Their Child's Therapy?


As an attachment therapist, I typically write articles for adoptive and foster parents.

Feb 15

Adoption & Fostering: It Isn't for Sissies


When a parent adopts a child or becomes a foster parent, they give up the luxury of traditional parenting . . .

Jan 17

Moms Speak Out: Parenting A Special Needs Child


I don’t believe you set out thinking one day you want a child with special needs...I just think one day it happens to you.

Dec 21

Do The Holidays Trigger Your Child?


As my daughter and I shop at the mall for our remaining gifts, we eye Christmas ornaments, stocking, lights, and decorations.

Nov 23

The Invisible Disability: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders



Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders or FASD affects 1 in 100 infants each year. FASD is not a genetic condition and is completely preventable . . . if the birth mother does not drink alcohol during her pregnancy, the child is fully protected from the disorder.

Oct 25

6 Ways to Develop Secure Attachment Qualities



Secure Attachment


Most of the time, parents focus on insecure attachment characteristics, and identifying their child’s particular style.

Sep 27

Megan Terry's "Riding the Attachment Roller Coaster- On and On and On and... "



Today's post is contributed by Megan Terry author of blog, Millions of Miles. Megan is a wife and mother who calls the Louisville, Kentucky area home.

Sep 14

The Secret to Improving Your Child’s Behavior: Behavior Modification Plus Therapeutic Healing (Part Two)


Today’s post is a continuation from part one of “The Secret to Improving Your Child’s Behavior” which posted two weeks ago.

Aug 30

The Secret to Improving Your Child’s Behavior: Behavior Modification Plus Therapeutic Healing


Individuals with a history of trauma or loss may have parts of their personality that protect them through defensive behaviors, thoughts and feelings. Defensive behaviors, thoughts and feelings hide a person’s authentic ones out of fear.

Aug 17

You Are Not Alone!


Last weekend I received a call from an adoptive mom, Brenna.

Aug 02

Dos & Don’ts: An Adoptive & Foster Parent’s Letter to Friends and Family


Have you ever noticed that adopted and foster kids are especially cute? Their beautiful eyes, cute noses, and charming smiles often call attention to them and to their family.

Jul 20

The Adoption and Fostering Community: Supportive or Critical?

How would you describe your community? Do you find most parents and professionals are kind and supportive of you and your family, or do you walk away from situations feeling criticized and demeaned? 


Outside the adoption and fostering community parents may expect to

Jul 06

Searching for an Attachment Therapist? 4 Suggestions to Ponder


As parents consider therapy for their adopted or foster child, they often consult other families to gather names of potential therapists.

Jun 22

Top 7 Ways to Respond When Your Child Shares Feelings

One of the most important skills for a child’s emotional healing is the ability to identify and express emotion.  When a child can communicate their internal experience, he or she creates the foundation to alleviate past loss, abandonment, or trauma.  When the child connects to caregivers through

Jun 08

6 Practical Strategies to Improve Avoidant Attachment


Attachment is the reciprocal energy and unspoken dynamic in a relationship between a parent and child. Available, consistent, and sensitive caregiving forms healthy, secure attachments while inconsistent, insensitive and unavailable caregiving forms insecure or dysfunctional attachments.

May 25

What is Abusive Head Trauma?


Social workers, like every profession, must earn continuing education credits in order to maintain their professional license.  This past Friday I went to a new class our profession is required to take, “Pediatric Head Trauma.”  To be quite honest, I was not excited to go. 

May 11

A New Test to Determine The Right Medicine for Your Child


Note: Today’s post is not an attempt to encourage or discourage families from the use of medication.  There are many children who already take medicine and there may be families who are considering a trial of medicine; this post is intended to provide information for

Apr 28

Give-A-Way!! Korean Doll in Traditional Wedding Dress


Hi Friends!  I am giving away a beautiful 6 inch doll I bought from a lovely woman at our local Korean grocery.

Apr 27

The New RAD Question

OLD QUESTION: Does my child have RAD?



NEW QUESTION: What is our (myself and my child) attachment

Apr 13

Is Grief A Lifelong Thing? 7 Ways to Help Your Child Cope


Parents understand their child has grief from past trauma and loss, and often they worry, “Is this a lifelong thing?”  Grief resulting from trauma and loss is revisited throughout a person’s lifecycle.  Grief may show itself through different symptoms, and may be triggered by

Mar 29

The "Connect Back:" A New Tool to Identify Past Trauma


As a parent, do you worry about and attempt to persuade your child to stop certain behaviors?  Do you find yourself pleading, yelling, or becoming frustrated with your child’s choices?  


Of course, it is a parent’s job to

Mar 15

Top Reason to Consider EMDR as Part of Your Child’s Therapy


In a traumatic event, an individual experiences a threat or an assault to their emotional or physical safety or well-being.  Trauma can be one large event, ie: natural disaster, physical assault or a series of smaller events, ie: bullying, name calling, intimidating

Mar 13

8 Ways Parents Can Help Their Child Deal With Rejection


It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.  


Mar 13

Adopt-a-Village: Young Volunteer Connects With His Guatemalan Heritage


Adopt-a-Village is a small, grassroots non-profit that works with remote villages in Guatemala. This is an area of extreme poverty with few public services or other forms of assistance.

Mar 13

Top 7 Reasons for Parents to Remain in Their Chid's Therapy Sessions



We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life.

But those who make their journey home across time & miles,

growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them,

are carried on the wings of destiny and placed among us

by God's very own

Mar 13

Adoption- It's Not All Hearts and Smiley Faces


Today's post was submitted from Creating a Family, one of the top adoption education and support organizations in the US.

Here is more information about Creating a Family: Our mission is to help prepare families pre-adoption and then support them post-adoption.  All of our

Mar 13

Poem: "He's Only Nine"


Today’s guest post was contributed by The Marks Family (all names have been changed to protect their confidentiality).  Parents, Susan and Bill, along with older brother, Joseph, adopted Darian at the age of three.  Darian had lived in a Guatemalan orphanage from the age of nine months until

Mar 13

Are You A Bucket Dipper or A Bucket Filler?


For this week’s post, I decided to review a children’s book.  As I was choosing a book, one of my amazing adoptive moms, Beth, offered her newest find-- ”Have You Filled a Bucket Today: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids.”  Together, Beth and I wrote this review.  Thanks

Mar 13

Telling Stories


Today’s post is written by guest blogger, Liz, who authors the blog, “Inventing My Life.”  Liz shares the following information about herself:  In the summer of 2007, I turned 40 and decided that I could officially call myself a grown up - so I had better figure out what I wanted to

Mar 13

Ways to Break Free From Unhealthy Family Dynamics



“If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always got."


Mar 13

Karen Belanger's "Unhappy Birthday"



Today’s post is contributed by a guest blogger, Karen Belanger.  Ms.

Mar 13

6 Ways to Guide Your Child's Teacher


Though the hot, humid days of August are still upon us, summer break will soon  end, marking the start of a new school year.  This beginning can bring about feelings of anticipation and anxiety for adopted and foster children.  Parents can help navigate these first days by steering their child

Mar 13

Key Reasons for Children to Know Their Life Story


Every time I meet a new family, I enjoy getting to know each family member.  I delight in hearing their stories: how the parents met, circumstances that led to their adoption, the child’s life story.  I am continually amazed at the strength and resilience the children have shown as they faced

Mar 13

Top Ways to Modify a Child's Behavior



Glancing at the title of this post, you may be tempted to skip it, “Behavior management is simple –I don’t need to read this.”  But don’t underestimate the power of knowing the basics which helps parents to be purposeful in their parenting, and ultimately leads

Mar 13

An Adoptive, Biological, Frazzled, Honest Mom Speaks



Today’s guest blogger is Kate Hlava.  Kate Terry Hlava lives just outside of Atlanta, GA with her husband, 4 children, 3 dogs, 2 cats and a lizard (who remarkably enough is an  invited guest).

Mar 13

"After the Airport" by Jen Hatmaker


Today's guest blogger is Jen Hatmaker. Jen is an adoptive mom, author, blogger, and a leader in the ministry.

Mar 13

6 Ways Parents Cope With Shame


“The difference between guilt and shame is very clear—in theory. We feel guilty for what we do. We feel shame for what we are.”

        --LEWIS B.

Mar 13

Meet the (Birth) Parents



Today's post is contributed by an anonymous (to maintain the confidentiality of his family) guest blogger.  He generously bestows his family's inner experience about meeting his son's birth parents.

Mar 13



Have you ever been in a situation where your child was triggered, and before your eyes he or she became a “different” or much younger version of him or herself?  We all have multiple parts within us . . .

Mar 12

Understanding RAD, Trauma, and Attachment



In the adoption and foster care community, there’s a lot of confusion about the differences between Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), trauma, and attachment.  Oftentimes, parents hear symptoms associated with RAD and assume their child is RAD.  In actuality,

Mar 06

In a Moment’s Notice: Caring for a Child with Mental Illness

Our guest blogger is Lori Gertz.  Lori makes her living as a strategic marketing consultant, writer, and reiki master and is currently studying to be a homeopath.

Mar 06


Who advocates for your child?

Who is the lead provider or care manager for him or her?  

Commonly, parents believe that their child’s pediatrician or another significant professional will guide their medical and mental health care.  In actuality, this is often not the case due to

Mar 06

"Mission Possible" by Gem

Welcome today’s guest blogger and adoptive mom, Gem.
Biography of ThreeBecomeFour

My name is Gem and I'm now in my 20s for the third time! My husband, Mike, and I have been together since 1990, having met when I joined his band as a singer.  We've been married since